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Purchase validation

Find the information of your product and check if conforms to the original item. You can also know the details on the brand and the company owns. You may find out a code: it is a further safety and warranty level.


Consumer + Manufacturer

By subscribing to the program you can evaluate your product, and you can keep a copy of the purchase receipt to keep the warranty valid till the day you may need it.

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When you are looking for your product, in addition to photos and key details you can get downloadable material: washing and assembly instructions, technical details, but also something like the launch trailer of a new product line.

Registration is free and it always will be!

Create a virtual wardrobe with all of your purchases.

The xAuthenticity system provides users with an effective tool to get more information on products purchased and verify its authenticity.

Sign up for free and you will receive more information about the products:

  • Transparency
  • Traceability
  • Manufacturer Info
  • Authenticity check